Visualising your ideas, realising your imagination.

Talenta is a constellation of creatives – each with a unique personality, yet flowing in perfect harmony. 

As a global creative agency based in Kuala Lumpur, we place value in customisations relative to your infinite ideas. Analytical, precise and focused solutions are of the essence.  

Our commitment is adding more value to your business through practically effective visuals; winning the hearts of your audience.


Tailored at Talenta

At Talenta, we ensure that everything we do, we do best. There is a reason we are ranked at the top amongst our A-list clients. 

R2C2 Champion Playbook
Working closely together with the PETRONAS Leadership Centre proved fruitful with birth of the interactive R2C2 Champion Playbook – which is currently helping to align their staff around the globe.

PETRONAS Coffee Break
Becoming an integral part of national celebrations is what the PETRONAS Coffee Break has become – and we are proud for being able to have been a part of it.

F1 Car Model Platform
The amazing people back at PETRONAS Penapisan Melaka decided that they needed to up their game with their Formula One car display, so we decided to literally step it up – on a custom designed platform.

Little Tree Creatives
When the World-renown automotive air freshener, Little Trees started to expand its market in the South East Asia region, we were tasked in coming up with its creatives.

MRCSB Family Day 2018
We worked closely together with Malaysia Refining Company Sdn Bhd (MRCSB) in organising, handling and designing the their family day, starting with branding.

The Negaraku Lanyard

Land-Art came up with an interesting idea of creating a a merch celebrating Malaysia’s nationality, and we happily obliged in creating its unique lasting design.


Tailored at Talenta

At Talenta, we ensure that in everything we do, we work together and do our best. There is a reason we are ranked at the top amongst our A-list clients. 

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These are the services that bring out the little astronauts in us.

Event Management

Imagine an unforgettable event for the rest of your life. It must be a moment burnt into your memory right? Together we can recreate that moment with remarkable event concepts. What ever theme you imagine, there’s a way to amplify its impact.

3D Visuals

Single view perspective is inadequate. Oftentimes we can’t visualise our great ideas. What do you say about 360° visuals unlocking the secrets of your imagination? Together we can turn your imagination into reality!


We feel you; implanting your brand in your clients’ subconscious mind is a challenge. Having a consistent brand appearance is substantial. A brand is beyond its logo, let’s curate an identity that grows deep into your clients’ mind.

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